If you are looking for a real slow-paced lodging experience you definitely have to check this place out! Entering past the outdoor lounge area into the main lobby you get this calm, earthy feel with hints of modern flair. To your left is a dining room where you can enjoy continental breakfasts or their happy hour with complimentary wine and cheese. My friend and I checked in and then went promptly back to the dining room to just decompress in the quietness next to the window. Walking back to our room is more like walking through a tiny villa. You don’t have the hum of laundry machines or the pre-fab exterior of so many hotels you’ve been to. No, there are plants and vines and tile walkways. You turn the key and enter into your room (more like a little condo) and fluffy white comforters almost whisper to you to come to bed. The adjustable lighting helps you keep your side lit while the other sleeps. A clean wood desk by the window is a perfect way to do some telecommuting (bring your own CAT-5 networking cable!). The shower has complimentary shampoo and body wash dispensers. The other great thing about this place is that it is close to the beach, about a block away. It’s a bit of hike to get to State St., but if you check a map there are trolleys you can ride for $0.25.

Amy L. – San Francisco